Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For when it's too late to bake.

One night I was up late, everyone else was in bed, and i got this massive urge to make something. I knew it was too late for baking, something about baking after midnight, it just doesn't seem quite right. I was looking at this website called Peanut Butter Boy and going through his astoundingly large collection of peanut butter recipes. I heart peanut butter, so yeah, this is my kind of site. I was looking at his recipe for peanut butter hotdogs (not real hotdogs, dont freak out, just click the link!) and saw something about cinnamon raisin peanut butter and something deep inside me knew that awesomeness was on it's way. The recipe is mad easy, and doesn't need a mixer, so as you may have guessed, that is exactly what i made that fateful night! I wasn't in the blog making business at that point so no pictures were taken. I briefly thought about telling you about it with loads of descriptive talk so you could picture it yourself, but then i thought, 'I wouldn't read that, i like PICTURES.' So i took this opportunity to make some more, and im glad i did, now i have pictures AND more delicious crazy flavoured peanut butter! I ran out a while ago and have been trying to just eat normal peanut butter, too boring for words. Once you have this stuff, you just can't go back. You've been warned...
Look at this, just four ingredients! I know there is a series of books with recipes made up of four ingredients, but they never sound all that super delicious. THIS on the other hand...
So here they all are, tossed in together, the peanut butter is buried under there somewhere, im pretty sure anyway. I know it looks a but scary, all that cinnamon, but its not, this is just the FIRST lot of cinnamon i put in, there is more to come...
This was my favourite bit. Im big on stirring, i could stir all day long if i had the chance. Thats why i get a little sad when making muffins and some cupcakes. That pesky little "do not over mix" they throw in there, it always ruins my fun. Ive given out more than one batch of tough cupcakes because i decided to ignore that rule, it was still kinda worth it though, for me anyway. So yeah, I love this recipe alot cause i can stir till the cows come home, and since i have this lovely spatula and super smooth bowl, sometimes i do. I figure it just helps to smoosh the cinnamon in, which can only be a good thing.
And voila! cinnamon sultana peanut butter! (Can you keep a secret? I made this like half an hour after dinner, and the thought of a sandwich was... too much. So after i made this, and made the obligatory bite mark in it (see later photo) it went in the bin. I know, im sorry, im evil and wasteful. Dont tell jesus...)
"eat me michelleeeee, i dont care if you're so full of dinner you might explode, im so deliciously cinnamonny!"
"okay, i will admit, you are lovely and cinnamonny, but i cant, maybe some other time."
I went to put the peanut butter back in it's jar, but it ended up like this, with some in the bowl as well. I kept stabbing the peanut butter in the jar with a knife, trying to get rid of the air holes, then i remembered i put almost a cup of sultanas in there. Ah science. Luckily I had a near empty jar of peanut butter in the cupboard so i put my extra in there. Now i know everyone else isn't as big a hoarder as me, so i say you buy the jar, eat some boring peanut buttered toast for a few days, then when there is a sultana gap at the top, go go gadget fancy peanut butter.

Cinnamon Sultana Peanut Butter

From Peanut Butter Boy

The four, measly, easily attained ingredients

(note, this is obviously not a strict recipe at all, i changed things to how i like them, so you go crazy and do the same if you like!)

  • 450g peanut butter ---500g peanut butter (this is an american recipe, so the jar sizes are different. My jar of peanut butter was 500g so incase you get the same jar as me, ill include both measurements for the rest of the ingredients)
  • 1/2 cup sultanas --- 3/4 cup sultanas (this is a bit more than necessary, but i really love sultanas...)
  • 2T sugar --- 2 heaped tablespoons sugar
  • 3tsp cinnamon --- 4tsp cinnamon (okay, i started out with 4tsp of cinnamon, but it just didnt taste enough, the peanut butter taste REALLY takes over. So i kept adding and ended up with... dare i admit it?... 6tsp of cinnamon! I know, it sounds mad, but even with that much, it didnt taste mad cinnamonny! Ill taste it in the morning after it's had some time to soak in or whatever it does, if it tastes horrible i'll pop back on here and change it. If i dont change it, then you'll know, it was as awesome as i suspected.)

4 ingredients, one step!

You can mix it in the jar if you want, but that would be hard so i reckon you should just put it all in a big bowl, mix till your heart's content, put it all back in the jar, then take some back out and put it on toast. Yummers.


  1. lol wow I love it! the portions look needlessly gluttonous too which is right up my alley ;) going to make this for my fruit toast tomorrow morning.
    Good to see another Aussie food blog too.

  2. yeah, how awesome is this stuff! i hope you got the cinnamon levels right, they can be tricky!

    there are alot of blogs from the u.s, im very glad there are a few of us out there measuring things in grams, metric is king!