Thursday, September 17, 2009

baking: my blessing, and my curse. my super delicious curse.

So many nice, non fattening, portable hobbies out there. I look at those people on the bus, doing their Sudoku, looking all content and relaxed, all those people of an afternoon going for a run. Hobbies you can do almost anywhere, almost anytime. I was even one of those people once, I gave knitting a go, I would knit of an evening while watching telly, while talking with my roommates. It made me happy, then I realised that I had twenty scarves and lived in a climate that never really got past light jacket weather. Then I found that ‘500 cupcakes’ book and went ‘oh fun!’ I didn’t even care that there weren’t REALLY 500 cupcakes in there. However many there really were they were pretty fun. I thought the baking phase would pass, I starved it with 18 months in Japan with no oven, then I went mad on it, with a weekend filled with baking for a market stall I booked at the last minute but no, the baking hobby is like that guy that turns to liquid metal in terminator. I can’t remember the end of that movie, he might have died at some point, but from the parts I saw, he was really hard to kill, so yeah, thats my simile and im sticking with it. So i’ve decided to just embrace the baking. It’s causing bit of a rift between me and the old jeans I can’t fit into anymore but hey, who needs jeans when you have baked goods. (Oh god, I just pictured myself saying that again in like five years, when i’m one of those people who has to be moved out of their bedroom window by a crane, maybe i should rethink my attitude towards the jeans??) Hopefully this blog will be a step in the old jeans wearing direction. I’m hoping that by sharing my favourite recipes with you guys, I can live vicariously through the baking you guys do and maybe not bake so much myself? Fingers crossed.

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